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Sylhet & Sreemangal Explorations

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5 Days & 5 Nights


Sylhet, Bangladesh

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Sylhet tour is your perfect holiday destination during the monsoon and rainy season in Bangladesh. Sylhet is the holy mystical city & experiences waterways. Ratargul Swamp Forest is the only swamp forest in Bangladesh which is situated in Sylhet. The trees are submerged into the water. The best time to visit this thrilling place is during the rainy season. The water level rises higher than any other time and reveals its true beauty around this time of the year. One can roam around the swamp forest by boat. The environment is lonely and silent, but the thrilling you can have is indescribable. Boatman sings a melodious song during the journey and that will overwhelm your soul. This out-of-the-world trip will make you fall for the place indeed.

Not only Ratargul, but there are also other eye-catching waters surrounded places in Sylhet. Lalakhal is 44 km away from Sylhet and a wide canal located in the Sharee River beside Tamabil. Lalakhal is the place where you can have a flavor of everything; deep blue sky, hills, natural forest, river under Jaint hill as well the flavor of the Tea garden. In a word, the water is transparent green because of the mineral flow of water and the river bed. The intense beauty of Lalakhal has the power of mesmerizing any soul.


Sreemangal is situated in the Moulvibazar district in Sylhet division. Sreemangal is an Upazila. It is famous for tea garden. Rain all time occurs here. Nature has adorned sreemangal with green tress. Its natural scenery is very charming. It soothes one’s eyes. Birds are twittering always here. The first tea garden in Bangladesh which names “Malni chho ra tea garden” is here. The terraced tea gardens, plantations, and evergreen hills of sreemangal are wonderful treats for the tourists. On the way, of Sreemangal by bus, you’ll see a statue “cha konna” which is stands to the welcome you. But if you come to sreemangal by train you’ll miss this statue. When you’ll come near the tea garden you find the smell of tea leaves.

Discover Baikka Beel Holiday Home, which is a unique intermingling of nature friendly yet designed with all-natural state of art equipment and modern facilities, located midway between Srimongol and Molvi Bazar

The thought of staying in the middle of a sanctuary on an island surrounded by the beauty of nature. Might sound impossible but not anymore. “Baikka Beel Holiday Home” offers you the experience of staying at a Bungalow with all facilities and exciting activities in one of the biggest Beels of the country.


In sreemangal, Bhanubil Community Tourism provides a unique experience. Located near Sreemangal. It’s a community-based tourism initiative rallying for protecting, preserving and celebrating Manipuri Heritage. Food Culture, Endangered Bird Species or Musical Tradition. Bangladesh Tourism Board & Ajiyer Fair Trade Tourism has developed the establishment. The host families are trained and certified to provide exclusive and authentic local experiences. They are trained in the following sections:

  • Managing Housing
  • Ensuring Healthy Cooking
  • Maintaining Sanitation
  • Using Personal Security Tools
  • Making Tour Schedule
  • Upholding Responsibility of Local Guide


There’s hardly any issue that will make any concern for your travel experience in Sreemangal. We deliver for your satisfaction. Our certified hosts will receive you in such a way that you will feel comfortable and special.

You will get an exclusive experience from the Manipuri Community. This is an ethnic community in Bangladesh. Their core base was in Manipur. Manipur was once a sovereign state and now it is the North-Eastern Zonal state of India. Manipur had different names in the early state. Names like Kyangleipak, Kyangkleipang, Kyanglei, Meitrabak, and Mekhali. The people of Manipur were formerly known as Meitei. Some missionaries arrived here from Sylhet during the reign of Maharaj Garibniwaz (1709-1748). There was a myth that these missionaries named this land “Manipur”. The people got the name “Manipuris”. Later, it was ensured that the Manipur of Mahabharata and the Manipur of Sylhet were not the same place. The Manipuris migrated to the area of Bangladesh. They settled here at different times due to conflicts, socio-political reasons, and wars.

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  • 5 Days & 5 Nights
  • Accommodation on Baikka Beel Holiday Home
  • Accommodation on Monipuri Family
  • Accommodation on luxury Bungalow on Ratargul Sylhet
  • Visit Lawachara National Park
  • Experience Exciting Boat Ride on Baikka Beel
  • Experience the Madhobpur Lake and Tea Estate
  • Special Tea Picking experience in Monipuri style.
  • Monipuri Exotic lunch with culture and Lifestyle.
  • Boat Ride on the ratargul Swamp Forest
  • Enjoy a boat ride on Sada Pathor bholaganj
  • All Transportation and Meals Includes
  • Experience Boat Ride on Blue Water of Lala Khal
  • Visit Jaflong & bholaganj.


Day 1- Experience in Baikka Beel
Day 1- Experience in Baikka Beel

8 AM: Your trip will be started from Dhaka Arambag Bus Counter by A/C Hino Bus to Sreemangal.
12 PM: Reached Sreemangal & Start Journey towards Baikka beel Holiday home
1 PM: Reached at Baikka beel Holiday home lunch will be served there.
3 PM: Went to Baikka Beel Sanctuary to roam around after then back to the holiday home
4 PM: Fishing & Boating activity is available here you can do those activities if you want. Enjoy the sunset from baikka beel holiday home
Dinner will be served at baikka beel holiday home & Night stay at Holiday home

Day 2 – Experience Lawachora, Madhabpur Lake & Monipuri Tea picking and lifestyle
Day 2 – Experience Lawachora, Madhabpur Lake & Monipuri Tea picking and lifestyle

7 AM: Breakfast will be served at the Holiday home after then check out from the Holiday home & Reserve Car will take you to Lawachora National Park
80:30 AM: Reached to Lawachora National Park. Lawachara is the only rainforest in Bangladesh. A local guide from there will give you a short trip to Lawachora National Park for around 1 hour. Lawachara National Park is best known for the relative ease of seeing primates including four globally threatened species: Northern Pig-tailed Macaque, Phayre’s Leaf Monkey, Capped Langur, and the most important population in Bangladesh of Western Hoolock Gibbon, the only ape found in Bangladesh.
10 AM: After that, you will be heading toward Madhabpur Lake.
11 AM: Reach Madhabpur Lake. A lake is a great place in the winter season cause all the migratory birds from cold countries get together in this lake and the scene becomes awesome. The lake was initially made due to the irrigation of the tea garden. The lake is surrounded by dotted hills. You can get an amazing experience by walking around the lake and hills.
12 PM: After visiting Madhabpur Lake our guide will take you to Bhanubil where you can experience the cultural community & tea picking with the Manipuri community in the tea garden.
1 PM: Enjoy welcome tea in Monipuri style. Check in to the guest house & take a quick rest or you can take a quick view of the village.
After exploring different parts of the village, lunch will be served with special Manipuri culinary dishes (6-7 items). Each food item is prepared in the Manipuri style.
In the afternoon, get a village walk with our host around the village. Enjoy scenic beauty roaming around the tea garden. Interact with local communities, explore local foods.

Learn the weaving process, how the Manipuri people create unique designed handicrafts. Manipuri people are famous for their special fabrics like moiraingphee, leirum, lasingphee and phanek. Tribal textiles are woven on a loin-loom, a type of back-strap loom commonly used by hill people. Sometimes the belt is woven out of cane or bamboo. Weaving is universal and every girl knows how to weave.

9 PM: Dinner will be served with exotic local foods.

Night stay at the guest house at the Manipuri Village with standard facilities in a secure environment.

Day 3: Tea Picking Session & Went to Holy City Sylhet & Visit Ratargul
Day 3: Tea Picking Session & Went to Holy City Sylhet & Visit Ratargul

Get up early to join tea picking with the Manipuri community in the tea garden. The tea garden is just 10 minutes walking distance from the Bhanubil Village.
Our host will guide you to the tea garden where you can see the local workers are picking tea. You can join them, take amazing pictures and learn how they collect tea leaves. The tea picking session will continue till 10 AM. After that breakfast will be served by traditional Manipuri Food.
11 AM: Start Journey towards Sylhet by Reserve Car. On the way lunch will be served at Sylhet pach bhai restaurant.
3 PM: After Lunch starts the journey to our Ratargul Bungalow. It will take around 1 hour. We will provide one premium suite 4-person capacity and 1 couple room. Our host will welcome you with a fresh drink.
In the evening visit Ratargul Swamp forest
Dinner will be served at Ratargul Holiday home & Stay at Ratargul Holiday home

Day 4- Visit Jaflong & Blue Water of Lala Khal
Day 4- Visit Jaflong & Blue Water of Lala Khal

8 AM: breakfast will be served with Parata, Egg, Vegetable, Daal, Cha, and Water.
9 AM: After completing breakfast start the journey towards jaflong
1:30 PM: Lunch will be served at Jaflong Parjatan
2:30 PM: after lunch will visit Lalakhal (Gowainghat Upozila) by reserve Noah. It’ll take approximately 2 hours to reach there. Explore the beauty of Lalakhal & boat ride on the Lalakhal.
6:00 PM: After that Visit Shah Jalal Mazar & back to Bangalow
9 PM: Dinner will be served with chicken BBQ, Beef Seekh Kabab, Porota, Dal, Salad, Soft Drinks.
Night stays at the bungalow.

Day 5 - Experience Bholaganj & Leaving with Memories
Day 5 - Experience Bholaganj & Leaving with Memories

8 AM: Breakfast will be served at the bungalow with Paratha, Egg, Vegetable & Tea.
11 AM: Checkout from Bangalow & Start the journey to Bholaganj Sada Pathor by a Reserve Car. On the way Lunch will be served, It will take approximately 2 hours to reach there.
After that Visit one of the shrines of Shah Poran will be visited.
After visiting Back to Sylhet & take two-room for fresh up.
Dinner will be served at panshi restaurant at Sylhet.
11 PM: Start Journey towards Dhaka by A/C Bus


  • 1 Night Accommodation at Baikka beel Holiday home
  • 1 Night Accommodation on Monipuri Lifestyle
  • 2 Night Accommodation at Ratargul
  • Boat Ride at Ratargul & Bholaganj
  • Explore Jaflong
  • Tour Guide
  • Boat Ride at Lalakhal
  • Entrance Fees
  • All transportation in the destination location
  • All Meals During Tour
  • Personal Expense

Group Fare (Per Person)

6 Person ৳ 21500
8 Person ৳ 18000
10 Person ৳ 16500
12 Person ৳ 16000

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