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About this Experience

Air Conditioned Ship
Air Conditioned Ship
This cruise has a proper and full air conditioning system.
Explore Sundarbans
You'll be visiting a few spots around Sundarbans & experience living at the Sundarbans.
Explore Sundarbans
Premium Furnished Cabins
Premium Furnished Cabins
This ship has 14 Cabins which have proper bathroom facilities and a full air conditioning system.
Restaurant Facility
This ship has a fancy restaurant facility.
Restaurant Facility
Tour Guide Service
Tour Guide Service
A fantastic experience will be ensured by our guide.


  • Experience 3 Days inside the Largest Mangrove
  • Wildlife Expedition by the Forest
  • Silent Boat Ride Inside the Forest
  • Experience Guide & Security
  • Luxurious Ship & Cabin Facilities
  • Explore Creeks & Canals on a Silent Boat Ride
  • Watch Wildlife from the Watch Towers
  • Premium Food with Exotic Local Dishes

Inclusion / Exclusion

Accommodation on the ship cabins
All meals during the tour as per the itinerary
Mineral drinking water
Forest permit fee
Boat trips on the canal with a noiseless wooden boat
Armed forest guards from the forest department for safety
Bus, train or any other transportation to Khulna
Drinks both hard and soft
Personal expenses
Forest fees for the video & still cameras of the guest

What To Expect

  • This ship has 14 Luxurious AC cabins, including different types of beds and bathroom facilities.

  • The guests can enjoy the wildlife from the rooftop open lounge of the ship

  • Seating areas are designed with modern amenities and facilities to give a hassle-free experience.

  • The ship has skilled staff engaged in the overall schedule.

  • The dining space of this ship is neatly organized and fully air-conditioned.

  • The guests will have the taste of life on the water.

  • Guests can roam around all over the ship which will offer the full beauty of this magnificent mangrove forest.

  • This ship has enough indoor games facilities which help guests to enjoy their time.

  • The ship has enough large space and an open lounge to hold and arrange a great number of corporate events.

Full Description

For witnessing the true beauty of the magnificent mangrove forest, nothing can be compared with 3 days and 2 nights of river cruising around the Sundarban. Banosampan Cruise Sundarbans cruise will provide a tremendous unforgettable trip. If this sounds like wishful thinking, be assured that Banosampan Cruise Sundarbans cruise can make it a reality for you.
Banosampan Cruise Sundarbans cruise is a 2 decked ship made of steel capable of navigating rivers for 3 days 2 nights while transporting 40 passengers. Wide seating areas under the ship's open roof provide a comfortable spot to take in the fresh air, snack, chat with other passengers, and plan events on the ship. It has 14  rooms and sleeping beds. On the first floor, there are 2 VIP cabins of one couple bed with an attached bathroom , 8  cabins that have 3 single bunk beds. On the second floor, there are 3 cabins which have 1 couple bed and a single bunker bed with an attached bathroom and 1 cabin which has 1 couple bed and a single family bed with an attached bathroom. There's a nice open lounge area within the ship with nice lighting and comfortable seating towards the ship's center which will allow it to hold any event on this ship. The entire vessel is equipped with amazing amenities and styled in a way that is sure to catch your eye. This ship has enough indoor games facilities which help guests to enjoy their time.
Each bedroom has large windows that let in plenty of natural light. Mornings spent gazing out at the natural world have a way of making you forget about the stresses of the day. The foremost concern of the ship's designers was the safety of its passengers, thus they included safety features in a wide variety of locations throughout the vessel like life jacket , lifebuoy and fir extinguishers.
The memories you make during your short, but an unforgettable trip of just 3 days and 2 nights, will stay with you forever. A truly unforgettable vacation is just a click away.
The best time to visit the Sundarban is from mid-November to mid-February. During this time, in the morning, for a few hours, there might be fog, but gorgeous fog and migratory birds. Then the days are sunny and warm. And at night, sometimes the sky would be so clear that you would just lie down and try to find yourself among the stars. You’ll get to explore these spots in Sundarbans:
> Karamjol Wildlife Conservation Site
> Harbariya Eco-Tourism Site
> Jamtola Point
> Jamtola Sea Beach
> Kochikhali Wilde Life Point
> Kotka Sea Beach & Wildlife Point
> Tiger Point.
Day 1: Into the Wild
7 AM: Report on the boat at the jetty just beside Khulna city.
8 AM: Get settled, and breakfast will be served with a standard Bengali menu.
After breakfast, the ship will start cruising through the river towards Mongla to enter Sundarbans. At noon, we should be crossing Mongla and entering the mangrove forest.
1 PM: Lunch will be served with a Standard Bengali Menu. We guarantee top-notch quality food available in that region!
We’ll make a stop at the Harbariya Eco-Tourism Center to get the first deep forest train experience in the Sundarbans. A 30 Min trek will be arranged through the mangrove accompanied by an armed forest guard.
5 PM: We’ll be reaching Kotka point and exploring the forest there, accompanied by an armed forest guard and a tour guide who will walk you through the history and characteristics of the mangrove forest. Before sunset, a wooden rowboat will take you deep into the canal, searching for wild animals. In the evening, most of the wild animals come near the banks of the canal to drink water. If you are lucky, you can easily watch lots of deer, monkeys, snakes, and crocodiles. We call it a silent boat ride. Imagine you are riding a boat silently rowing through the wild forest. Experience the breathtaking environment surrounded by wildlife and hear the birds chirping.
Return to the boat before sunset, and snacks will be served.
9 PM: Dinner will be served with a Standard Bengali Menu. Spend the night in the cabin equipped with standard facilities.
Day 2: Mangrove Expedition with Royal Bengal Tiger
Try to wake up early in the morning to watch the beauty of the forest and birds. Breakfast will be served upon your appetite. You will reach Jamotola Forest in the morning. Start hiking towards Jamtola beach. A sandy quiet beach where you’ll find a tremendous view of Sundarbans.
12 PM: Return to the boat and get freshen up.
01 PM: Lunch will be served on the boat.
Visit Kocikhali Point on the way and explore the deep mangrove.
After lunch, visit Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary and a silent boat ride through the canal to reach the mainland from the mother boat. Kotka watchtower offers a unique opportunity to experience a top view of the forest, and also, you might encounter wild animals coming closer to eat grass. If you are lucky might hear the roar of the Royal Bengal Tiger.
Return to the mother boat and enjoy the evening with snacks. Dinner will be served with Chicken BBQ, Paratha, and Soft Drinks on the boat. Spend the night in the cabin equipped with standard facilities.
 Day 3: Lifestyle Expedition & Return with Memories
Try to wake up early in the morning to watch the beauty of the forest and birds. Breakfast will be served upon your appetite.
Get another silent boat ride in the morning & lifestyle expedition.
01 PM: Lunch will be served on the boat with the standard Bengali menu.
In the afternoon, visit Karamjol Wilde life center. You’ll find information and animals of all species on the conservation site. Also, visit the crocodile breeding project in Karamjol.
05 PM: Check out from the ship and arrive at Khulna city. Roam around Khulna for a couple of hours. 08 PM: Dinner will be served with a Standard Bengali Menu.

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