Return & Refund Policy

Avijatrik Tourism Limited

All prices are subject to change without prior notice as per the availability. Even after advance payment prices may change till the booking is confirmed.

  1. All tour package & related services are subject to availability at the time of booking. Not at the time of payment received from the guest
  2. All accommodation names mentioned will be included as per individual tour package details but in the case of unavailability similar accommodation will be provided. By the word “similar” we mean an alternative accommodation that will a) be of the same star category b) be near to the original accommodation or in another location that serves the tour package in the same way c) have a comparable room category (double/twin/triple/family) & breakfast. In case of any accommodation change, we try our utmost best to provide an even better & upgraded facility but may not match exactly with the originally offered one
  3. All price quotations provided may be valid for a maximum of 36 hours and are subject to availability
  4. After client payment, if any price of service increases or becomes unavailable for booking then the client must pay the difference of price. If the client decides not to purchase the service all together then a refund will be given minus a service charge of a minimum 50% of per person or as mentioned at the time of refund depending on service.
  5. All unpaid service will be canceled 7 days before the departure date
  6. We will not provide any custom tour package quotation without being informed of guest actual budget for tour
  7. Published rates are not valid during black out periods such as holidays, trade fairs, exhibitions and special events
  8. It is your responsibility to be at the designated pick up / drop off spot & locate your driver / tour guide. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the transfer or tour without refunds
  9. If your hotel is out of local operator services, then extra surcharges apply that must be paid by passenger on spot to the driver directly
  10. If your hotel is outside local operator service are you must meet your driver / tour guide at mentioned location on your own expense
  11. Guests must contact local operator 24 hours prior to your tour to confirm your attendance & pick up location/Time. Otherwise you may miss the tour. To do this call the local number & mention your service name ( airport transfer / tour), booking number & your name. Do not mention any other information as this will create confusion & local representative may not speak good English
  12. If local operator fails to deliver the service you must file an official complaint with verifiable proof within 2 days of the tour date. We will investigate the issue & provide refunds if complaint is valid & local operator do not dispute it. Dispute & refund processing time may take 30 to 180 days depending on the country of operation. Complains received after 2 days & without verifiable proof will not be entertained
  13. Dispute will be accepted only if a service is not delivered. No subjective judgment about the experience will be accepted as a dispute after service is delivered
  14. FLEXIBILITY & UNUSED SERVICES: You acknowledge that the nature of adventure travel requires flexibility and acknowledges that they will permit reasonable alterations to products, services or itineraries by the Avijatrik. The route, schedules, accommodations, activities, amenities and mode of transportation are subject to change without notice due to unforeseeable circumstances or events outside the control of the Avijatrik (including but not limited to Force Majeure, illness, mechanical breakdown, flight cancellations, strikes, political events and entry or border difficulties). No reimbursements, discounts or refunds will be issued for services that are missed or unused after departure due to no fault of the Avijatrik, including your removal from a Tour because of your negligence or breach of these Terms.
  15. Entry fees to attractions are included in any tour unless mentioned otherwise
  16. Booked package must be canceled 31+ days prior to departure date subject to each tour package individual terms & conditions. If done so refund may be given minus non refundable services & a 10% service charge. If canceled after 31 days prior to departure then no refunds will be given in any case.
  17. No refunds will be given for unutilized services. Any advance given for any package is non refundable in any case
  18. Due to unavoidable circumstances some changes to the package may be necessary, we apologies for any inconvenience & expect your kind understanding
  19. We are not responsible for any additional costs or circumstances that are beyond our control such as technical problems with transportation, bad weather, government imposed taxes or additional fees
  20. No changes permitted after services have been confirmed. Full change fees applicable if notice of required changes are submitted via email or in writing minimum 7+ working days before departure subject to local operator policies
  21. If guest communicates with a local operator to make changes to their bookings no guarantee is given that those changes will take place & tour operator may cancel the service without prior notice with no refunds. Always avoid communicating with local operator/staff to make changes to your travel plans. Instead communicate with us if required
  22. All tour packages are nonrefundable nonchangeable. If change is permitted you are required to pay the price difference for new dates.
  23. The guests are requested to follow the rules and regulations of the resort/hotel where they are accommodated
  24. In the unlikely event of reserved accommodation not available for you upon arrival at your destination, we would immediately arrange for an alternate accommodation of the same standards
  25. We shall have no legal liability for any loss, damage, personal injury arising directly or indirectly from any aspect of your holiday
  26. A journey undertaken by air, land or sea is governed by the terms and conditions of the service provider. Any changes made by the service provider is out of our control
  27. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle breakdown, a local operator provide you alternate vehicles. However, the time loss due to the event will not be compensated
  28. In case of any immigration/Visa complications, the cancellation policy shall be applicable in full as nonrefundable.
  29. All communications during the tour must be done to the local operator (number given in tourist vouchers). Any issue must be communicated with the local operator at the time of the issue. Communicating with us about the local issue will require a complaint form to be filled up & submitted for review which will take from one to four months to investigate and process.
  30. 50% of total payment must be made for bookings the departure date of which is 31+ days later. For bookings less than 31 days early, 100% payment is required. Advanced booking money is non-refundable in any case of cancellation in all situations after less than 30 days is left of departure date regardless of accommodation or any other party involved.
  31. Any changes to your tour after you have made payment requires new fees depending on the changes you require.
  32. Any bookings made by us may or may not be under the guest’s name. As per different local establishment rules & policies.
  33. It may take up to 2-7 working days to issue actual service vouchers depending on accommodation & other local operators.
  34. We are not responsible for any delays by 3rd party airlines, local transport or local tour operators. Any financial loss due to delays are not our responsibility. Any transport will not wait after a specific waiting time. Delay due to flights will result in booking becoming a no show with no refunds given. Guest must arrange own transport in this case.
  35. Any delay by the airline will result in missing your airport transfer or tour & is not changeable. Please arrange alternative transport yourself.
  36. Any tour package can be converted to “BASIC/BUDGET PKG”. As budget travel arrangement local providers are cheap & do not follow standard levels of service compliance we will not provide any support for this type of services booked.
  37. Please note it is the customer’s responsibility to locate the driver as the driver has limited authority to move inside the airport.
  38. Child/Infant policy subject to individual hotel/transport/local tour operator.
  39. We are not responsible for any aspect of the tour that is out of our control or jurisdiction.
  40. Failure to mention all details of children including age, height, number or any other information is subject to local establishment or tour operator decision. We are not liable for any financial loss if incurred.
  41. Any TAX, service charge, or other fees imposed by the local or foreign government must be paid by the guest directly to authority upon arrival or check-in.
  42. Any extra charge imposed by any 3rd party is payable to the 3rd party directly by the guest and is not our responsibility. Any fee may be imposed by 3rd parties like airlines or hotel as per their policy or as per extra facility given to the guests, payable by the guest directly.
  43. Any change made by local operator is out of our control, therefore, is not our responsibility.
  44. If any hotel/tour/transport or other service is not available on spot please call the local tour operator or local partner number on the voucher & mention your booking number & name. No other information is required. The local operator will arrange alternative service as per availability.
  45. Please wait 10 minutes before calling the local tour operator.
  46. If you book your package/hotel/another service less than 7 working days before the departure date then we may not be able to deliver service as quoted as we need 7+ working days to confirm any tour package/hotels/tours & other services
  47. Any tours may or may not include transfers from the hotel depending on tour operator policy. Any tour which includes hotel transfers may not be available if your hotel is not covered by the tour operator service area
  48. It is the passengers responsibility to bring required documents for entry to a foreign country
  49. If a flight is cancelled or missed by passenger he must contact airlines to change dates
  50. Any refunds processing time will be from 30 to 90 days depending on local tour operator policy
  51. Purchasing a tour package or hotel service means you have seen the hotel that is offered and agree to it. Please look at the hotel information online before confirming
  52. We try to maintain hotel quality to our limitations. By purchasing our service guests agree to see hotels from the official website if needed
  53. Any room change request after confirmed booking must be made upon check-in at the hotel subject to hotel fees
  54. No extra bed is provided for children if not mentioned in writing specifically before booking request is made subject to extra fees
  55. Any complaint About a hotel room or other service must be addressed with clear image/video and proof
  56. Dispute/complaint may be submitted for any service that is not delivered or was missing from the tour package. No complaint about subjective judgment of any service delivered shall be entertained
  57. All complaints must be submitted in written form
  58. Any service that was included in the tour package but not delivered must be proven with proof from local representative/image/video/written proof that proves the service was not delivered at the time of delivery. Without any valid proof no complaint shall be entertained
  59. Any service complaint/dispute may require 7 days to 3 months or more to resolve depending on country & local policy
  60. Any complaint must be filed to us within 4 working days of the day the event took place. Any complaint filed after this time will not be accepted
  61. No entry fees are included in any of the tours unless it is mentioned specifically
  62. If any changes are needed after service is confirmed guest must send us an email from the original email used to confirm or written order for change with details. Subject to change fees
  63. If you are in the middle of a tour abroad then kindly contact the local operator as instructed. Do not send any message to us during tour abroad as local operator will be able to solve any issue faster on the spot
  64. We provide no other documentation regarding any service other than normal documents like vouchers, receipt or invoice, itinerary
  65. By purchasing from us you agree to all of our terms and conditions
  66. Avijatrik Tourism Limited reserves the right to change any policy without prior notice