Beautiful Bandroban

Into the Wild

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5 Days. Food, Accommodation, Transportation Included

Climb Keokaradong, the third highest peak of Bangladesh. Feel the clouds on your face and experience the Lake of Dragon. If you want to test your trekking skills, this is the perfect trip for you.

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All about the Into the Wild.

Discover Bandorban the land of beauty. Touch the clouds. Feel the beauty of Mother Nature from deep inside of your heart. We are offering you a long adventurous tour into the wild Bandorban.
Who doesn’t want to spend their holidays into the wild nature watching beautiful creation of nature. We designed this package to gift you a memorable achievement of your life time. You will see beauty at its best and discover the secret of nature.

These are the spots to be visited in the tour:

Ruma BazarBogalake (Lake of Dragon)
Chingri WaterfallKeokaradong (One of the highest peak)
Jadepai Waterfall


Keokradong is a peak located in Bandarban, Bangladesh, with an elevation of 986 metres (3,235 ft). Some sources claim it as the highest point of Bangladesh. On the top of Keokradong there is a small shelter and a signboard put up by the Bangladeshi military proclaiming the elevation to be 3,172 feet. Height measured by handheld GPS shows it is 986 metres (3,235 ft) with 3m accuracy.Bandorban is a hill track district of Bangladesh with massive natural resources. The mountains surrounds the region frm every side. From these large mountains, Keokaradong is one of the highest and ranked number 3 as the highest peak of Bangladesh.

Bogakain Lake, also called Boga Lake, is a lake located in Ruma Upazila in the hill district Bandarban, Bangladesh. It is a natural sweet and deep water lake. Its height from sea level is nearly 2,000 feet (610 m). Geologists believe that it was created by collection of rain water in the crater of a dead volcano almost 2000 years ago. The lake is rectangular in shape.

A local legend tells that the lake was created after the inhabitants of a Khumi village killed and ate a deity who later reappeared to them in the form of a dragon. Instantly an earthquake occurred, the hillside caved in, and the village disappeared and formed a deep lake.The water color of the lake varies at different times at a day depending upon the sun light, humidity and clouds.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

It is a complete adventurous and trekking trip. So, all the necessary accessories to complete the trail will be provided.  To complete the trail, there will be 7-8 hours trekking .  Tourists will be treated with utmost care during the trip.

  • Pick up and Drop off from any locations in Dhaka City.
  • All accommodation will be provided on local tribal village
  • Transportation will be provided on 4x4 Land cruiser or Land rover in the hilly areas
  • Highway transportation will be provided on Luxurious A/C coach
  • Exotic tribal food dishes
  • Tour and trekking guide for entire journey
  • Army and police observation during trekking
  • A pair of local trekking shoe
  • Amazing gift packs
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Before starting the tour, we will provide a brief about the tour and what is included with the package. These are some example that is not included within the tour package

  • Travel insurance and other emergencies
  • Visa fees and entry clearing fees
  • Liquors, beers and bottled beverages
  • Photography accessories like cameras etc.
  1. Day 1 Journey to Mountains

    Trip will be started from Dhaka. Luxurious highway A/C chain coach will be provided. 10 PM: Departure from Dhaka 7 AM: Reached at Bandorban town.

  2. Day2 Lake of Dragon

    8 AM: Breakfast 9 AM: Journey to Ruma Bazar by mini bus/ 4x4 land cruiser 1 PM: Lunch at Ruma Bazar 2 PM: Journey to Bogalake by Chander Gari ( Open roof large Jeep ) 5 PM: Reached at Bogalake. To reach Bogalake, you will need to climb a small mountain which may take half an hour. Night will be spent by the side of the lake in wooden tribal house.

  3. Day3 Climbing Keokaradong

    8 AM: Breakfast 9 AM: Start hiking to Keokaradong 1 PM: Reached Keokaradong and lunch with local exotic food. Stay at cottage at the top of the Keokaradong mountain. Nature will surely make you feel special

  4. Day4 Revisiting the Dragon

    8 AM: Breakfast 9 AM: Start trekking to Bogalake 12 AM: Reached at Bogalake. Lunch will be served. Chingri Waterfall will be visited on the way. Stay night at Beautiful Boglake, highest lake in Bangladesh. Dinner will be served with delicious hilly fruits.

  5. Day5 Leave with Memory

    8 AM: Breakfast will be served 9 Am: Start for Ruma Bazar on 4x4 Land Cruiser 1 PM: Reached Ruma Bazar. Lunch will be served. 2 PM: Journey to Bandorban town by mini bus/ 4x4 Land Cruiser 6 PM: Reached at Bandorban town. After dinner, journey to Dhaka by Luxurious Highway A/C Chair Coach.

Avijatrik Host

Almost 4-5 hours trekking will need to perform in this trip. During the trekking you need to wear half pant, t shirt, trekking shoes or converse. We will provide a trekking shoe which is used locally. You can use your own shoe or the local trekking shoe.

You will be staying wooden tribal houses in tribal villages so that you can feel the native culture closely. Tourists may need to share rooms depending on availability.

You will be served local food dishes. As you need to hike several hour, we will provide enriched diet food. Besides, energetic food items, or saline and other necessary food element will be served to increase stamina and strength. Few meal will be served at local restaurant on the way of going somewhere. But we will ensure highest cultural expedition, hygiene and other food safety manners.

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