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Travel & Tourism

We create tour packages based on social tourism focusing the need of tourists. Our unique tour package will surely satisfy your adventurous desire.

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Tourism for Social Change

Avijatrik empower local people with tourism activity. So every time a tourists travels he/she is contributing to the communities. Be a part of social change.

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Mission & Values

Avijatrik is a platform where you can find hosts to spend an amazing holiday experiencing local culture in a secure environment in the midst of wild nature.

About Avijatrik


Creating Bangladesh Where Every Household Becomes Home of Tourism

Travel with Purpose

We love travel. Travelling is the best way to serve own-self and know how beautiful the world is. We've discovered an amazing way of travelling which we want to share with the rest of the world. We believe that you travel not only for sightseeing but also living a different life. We've designed that different life for you. Be a Avijatrik, live a different life.

Land of Story

Bangladesh is a small country in south east Asia. She has a long history , she has unique culture and lifestyle. We believe that if you travel, you must listen to the stories. Story of life, story of nature, story of people. That is how Avijatrik came to let you hear the stories. We are making things easier for you to stay with local people and hear their stories.

People Power

Our Guides and hosts are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

How Avijatrik Works

Avijatrik is a community based tourism initiative. We help households to make a room for tourists in their house with other essential facilities. We choose the households with utmost care that both of us can create a success story. The food preparation is always done in a hygiene environment. The food menus are developed so that tourists can have local food experience with a healthy diet. We trained local people to become an efficient tour guide. Our guides are chosen in terms of their honesty, behavior and knowledge. Our tour guide will be your best friend while travelling. By comprising all of their service we create tour packages that are served. You can customize your trip by your choice. Even we are providing tour customization during you trip. So miss out this opportunity, be a Avijatrik.

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