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Travel A-Z of the Sundarbans

Full Version of Sundarbans

5 Day, Accommodation, Meals, transportation, Guide included. Explore the A-Z of the largest mangrove forest. Spend a holiday living with local people, ...

Live at Sundarbans with tribals

Life at the Mangrove, Sundarbans

2 Day. Accommodation, Meals, Transportation, Guide included. Who'd not love to stay at a beautiful cottage in the midst of wild Sundarbans, the largest mangrove ...

Experience wildlife & Bonbibi

Wilderness of the Mangrove, Sundarbans

2 Day. Accommodation, Meals, Transportation, Guide included. Get a chance to stay with a family in the largest Mangrove forest on earth, Sundarbans. The unique ...

Tea Garden & Largest Rain Forest of Bangladesh

Tea Capital & Rain Forest

3 Day. Accommodation and Meals included. Make a trip to the tea capital of Bangladesh, Sreemangal. Besides stay at local village in one of the most resourceful ...

Sailing to the Mystical Island

Home of Deer

4 Day. Accommodation and Meals included. Nijhum Dwip, the island has many valuable treasurers. Thousands of deer, rare mangrove island and coastal beauty. Here, you ...

Feel Clouds, Feel Special

Valley of Clouds

3 Day. Accommodation and Meals included. Sajek Valley, the home clouds. Feel the clouds on your face and experience amazing beauty of mountains. Stay at a tribal house ...

1017 Wildlife Species
27 Indigenous Tribal Groups
21 National Parks
64 District
Marina Lourenço – Brazil
Marina Lourenço – Brazil My experience with Avijatrik in Bangladesh was very nice. I came to them because i wanted to have very local experience, staying with local families and to see the real village life. My expectation is fulfilled. Service they offered is ... Read More
Forhad Hossain – Bangladesh
Forhad Hossain – Bangladesh My journey with 'your' guidance was better than I expected it to be. It was nicely arranged, the local guide was in one word, superb. From all, I liked his approach to make the tour comfortable and knowing the details ... Read More

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